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Designing "A Life That Fits"

Your Time

​Are you constantly rushing, running behind, or feeling unprepared? Do you find it hard to fit everything into your schedule or figure out what (and how) to prioritize? 

Learning to manage time effectively will help you stay a step ahead of your to-do list so you can make time for all of your important "needs and wants".

Time management/Productivity coaching and consulting explores how to:

  •    Become more aware of distractions and time-wasters

  •    Understand your least and most productive times of the day

  •    Create a time management strategy based on your unique modalities

  •    Formulate realistic short and long term goals

  •    Slow down and create “space to breathe”


Your Space

Do you feel  anxious and overwhelmed as a result of less-than-ideal space utilization, a lack of systems, or excess clutter? Using my expertise in organization and interior design, we'll maximize your space and organize your home and/or office to create an environment you’ll love living in.

Space Organization/Design coaching & consulting focuses on:

  •     Clarifying your goals for your home and/or office and determining what              is/is not working

  •     Creating simple, customized systems to de-clutter and reclaim your space

  •     Rearranging and repurposing your existing furnishings to facilitate better            "flow" and capture your unique style

  •     Choosing new colors, furnishings, artwork, and accessories to complement        what you already own

  •     Developing strategies for maintaining order, promoting productivity, and            reducing stress


Your Life

Do you spend more time focusing on “must do’s” and neglecting your “would love to’s”? Are you making a life transition and struggling to rebalance your priorities? Do you want to make more time for hobbies, travel, study, or to enjoy family and friends? Get the tools and support you need to structure a more balanced life – one that allows you to use your innate gifts and abilities and makes room for your passions and dreams.

Life Goals/Transitions coaching & consulting will include:

  •     Identifying your values, needs, and big-picture goals

  •     Envisioning the details of your “ideal day” and how to navigate it with ease 

  •     Creating strategies and developing a realistic time frame for achieving your        goals

  •     Designing a support system that provides the motivation and                                accountability to stay on track  


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