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Meet Debra


Hi! I’m Debra Levy, the owner of A Life that Fits, LLC. 

I live in Central New Jersey with my wonderful husband of 35+ years. Our children and grandchildren---who I think are pretty awesome too!---live within a couple of hours drive. We're really fortunate to be a close, tight-knit family.


I am a huge puzzle fan (especially crosswords and other word puzzles), an avid collector of unique cookie jars (my oldest is my Mom's cowboy pig cookie jar from the 40's), and I love taking photos of the world around me. My work has actually been featured in 2 gallery shows! I have also started doing pyrography (wood burning) and love it!


About Debra 

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Helping other people has always been a passion of mine as well, whether it was “opening up my booth” as a child to help my younger sister resolve her pressing preteen issues (familiar to all of you "Peanuts" fans!), giving a listening ear to friends and family, or partnering with my clients.


A big influence on my coaching career has been the many transitions I have made throughout my life. Believe it or not, I’ve moved 26 times! I truly know what it feels like to go through big changes and make major life-decisions while focusing on important details to start anew.


My coaching style has also been impacted by the skills I’ve developed while working in several different careers, first as an interior designer in Manhattan & London, then as the owner of a fine arts photography company, followed by over 12 years as a professional organizer (serving many clients with ADHD), and now as a Certified Life, ADHD, and Executive Function Coach. 

I have made the journey from being an organizer of large spaces, to an organizer of small spaces, to an organizer of the brain!


My life experiences, both the ups and the downs, the many relationships I have (as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend), and the struggles I’ve overcome are what inspired me to become the coach I am today. My dream is to help others on their own journeys toward becoming the people they want to be and living the lives they want to live!



  • BFA degree in Interior Design

    • New York Institute of Technology


  • Coach Approach for Organizers - Institute for Applied Coaching

    • Foundation Training / Strengths-Based Coaching / Brain-Based Coaching

         Life/ADHD Coaching / Coaching the ADHD Client from Awareness to Action

         Fostering Mindful Change / Body-Based Coaching

         Holistic Time Coaching / Cultivate Coaching Courage 

         Neurodiversity Support and Advocacy

  • Brain by Design - James Garrett

    • Productive by Design

         Habits by Design

  • NAPO - Coaching SIG (National Assoc. of Productivity & Organizing Professionals -  Coaching Special Interest Group

    • Accountability / Dare to Lead with Self-Awareness

         Communicating Effectively / ADHD Coaching

         The Heart of Laser Coaching / Centered Coaching

  • CHADDChildren and Adults with Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder

    • The OCD-ADHD Link: What you should know when you have them both

  • ACOADHD Coaches Organization

    • Helping Your Clients Identify & Build Their Success Team

Associations / Awards 

  • ICF (International Coaching Federation)

  • ICF-NJ (International Coaching Federation - NJ Chapter)

  • CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)

  • ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization)

  • ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association)

  • NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals - past member)

    • Golden Circle Member (NAPO member from 2010 - 2022)

  • NAPO-NNJ (National Assoc. of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NNJ)

    • "Organizer of the Year" award (2014-2015)

    • Product Purveyor (7 years - past volunteer position)

    • Member from 2010 - 2022


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