M.S., Oceanport, NJ

     "It's amazing how Debra's coaching helps me to refocus on my goals and objectives. We work together; I tell her where my stumbling blocks are; she listens and helps me redirect my efforts so I can get my projects done. After our coaching session I feel that I have control over my life. Every session ends with a smile on my face."


M.A., Marlboro, NJ

    "Through her coaching, Debra has helped us get our lives back together physically, mentally, & emotionally & has been patient, kind and trustworthy. She has given us various tools to keep our house organized, helped us to create a "command center" for all our important paperwork, and let us both cry & help us through our challenges.

     If we do not understand how to do some thing or what something means, she not only breaks it down, but approaches the subject from many angles to help us in a multifaceted approach. She has been a main contributor to our overall success and helping us learn to live life to the fullest.

     She has gone above and beyond to help us in any area needed."

D.G., Union Beach, NJ

"Debra is always positive & supportive!"

     "I am so glad to have found you. You have changed my life!"


      L.C., Marlboro, NJ

    "Moving from a five bedroom home to a two bedroom townhouse is not an easy task, but Debra made it a breeze.  I didn't have a clue what furniture would fit into my much smaller living quarters, what wall colors to choose or what accessories I would keep or find a new home for, but Debra had a plan that really worked.

     Thanks to her my home is a well-designed and functional place that my husband and I love!"


L.L., Manalapan, NJ

     "Debra has a pleasant demeanor and helps to alleviate my anxiety.  I thought I was hopelessly disorganized but Debra was able to implement systems that suited my particular organizational deficiencies. 

     She got to know me and understand my way of thinking.  It's been a few months since we've completed my home and I, to my surprise and amazement, am able to maintain these systems and I am able to enjoy my home!   Thanks Debra!"

D.S., Toms River, NJ


     "Every surface in my home was cluttered.  In a short period of time, with incredible sensitivity to my needs, Debra set it all straight.  

      She organized all my "stuff" and gave me the tools to keep it all in place.  She was not just organized by nature, but had a way of tapping into my capabilities and aesthetic sense.   

      I can't believe the sense of calm that neatness brings.  Thank you so much, Debra!"


L.M., Marlboro, NJ                          

     "Though I hired Debra to help me organize my storage, writing and art work, in the end it was her combination of organizing and coaching skills I found to be the most invaluable. She not only helped to organize papers and related objects, but more importantly, she helped structure our time together and apart in order to maximize our schedules. She guided me through personal goals, so my life, not just the things in it, became more manageable again.


      Debra is a very supportive, positive individual, who enjoys guiding others in a way where they can eventually help themselves. She has a beautiful way about her that is a combination of professional yet very friendly. She turned the daunting work ahead of me into the adventure I had lost sight of due to a series of personal and natural disasters.


     Organizing Made Easy definitely Made Organizing Easier. I'd suggest Debra Levy to anyone who's serious about getting their life and the things in it more organized but doesn't want it to feel like a job!"


S. K., Ocean Grove, NJ


     "I am writing this to let you know how working with Debra Levy has benefited not only myself, but my entire family. Her approach is one that helps me understand how to function daily in order to avoid repeating old habits (that led to having too much clutter). 


Debra helps me look at my "things" differently now.  If something is not going to help me achieve my goal of having an uncluttered home, if it's not something we NEED, I  will find another home for it or throw it away. Several times I've been shopping, thought of buying something but could picture Debra asking me…."Do you really NEED it??"  Usually the answer is no!  


Debra  has also helped me feel less alone in my lack of natural ability to be organized.  She helps me see there is HOPE for me, that there are tools I can use to keep my life better organized.  It's never too late to learn!"

L.R., Middletown, NJ

"Thank you Debra. I truly appreciate your wisdom, patience and sensitivity."


J.T., Forest Hills, NY

I have had the pleasure of working with

Debbie Levy as an Organizer and as a

Life Coach as well. She is amazing!

She exhibits knowledge and expertise

in both areas, has innovative ideas and suggestions trailered made to her clients needs, desires and personality.

Debbie is extremely easy to work with

reflecting sensitivity, flexibility, patience and a warm, kind way about her.

 I feel that working with Debbie has made me a more organized and motivated person and that I will be able to use the strategies learned to be successful in achieving my organizing and life goals in the future.

M.W., Edison, NJ

     "Debra has a gentle way of guidance and an ability to bring focus into your life. She was able to help me set goals, we went over those goals, and looked at the obstacles that may be standing in my way. I highly recommend Debra as a Life Coach!"

S.K., Baltimore, MD

     "Debra is a detail oriented person with flair towards the visual. She utilizes her visual sense to give a room or a project the organization that it needs. She is an organizer par excellence!!" 


S.K., Manalapan, NJ

     "We were involved in a terrible car accident a few years back which resulted in physical and cognitive issues. Debra organized our house for us and was very patient, taking the time to make sure we both understood what task we were working on.

     She made the most overwhelming situations simple to complete and never left the house in disarray or us in a panic. Out of all the services and/or doctors we have been to, Debra is the only person to actually follow through and help us start getting a handle on things.

     We can not thank her enough for helping us get our lives back." 
L.P.,  Union Beach, NJ


     "Debra Levy is a lifesaver! As a working mother with two young children, I was desperate to create a system in my home to deal with the constant influx of mail, school papers, bills, to-do lists and more.

     Debra designed a "Command Center" for me that has solved all of my organizational problems. I intend to make her a regular resource to help organize my home and life!"

     "Debra - As always...such a pleasure to work with you!! You have such a wonderful way about you that is very

calming but also inspiring."
L.K., Bloomfield, NJ

     "Debra is intelligent, capable, dedicated,  hard working, and growth oriented.  She accomplishes any task she puts her mind to.  Debra has beautifully transformed many of my cluttered rooms and spaces so that they are organized, functional, & suit my specific  needs.  She is very creative and innovative!"


M.W., Highland Park, NJ 

    "Just wanted to thank you again for helping 

organize our new place. You have such fabulous skills,

and I am very appreciative and thankful I found you." 


L.R., Manasquan, NJ

     "It has been a real pleasure working with a most creative and patient organizer and designer. Debra makes the impossible possible, the unorganized organized, and is a solution-oriented designer. 

     She works with what you have, your needs, and is so pleasant and willing to adapt to anything that comes up!  I truly recommend her outstanding work  - she brings flare and comfort to the organizing/designing realm!


S. L., Morganville, NJ

     "Debra was that fresh breeze of crisp clean air that our kitchen was thirsting for. Her professionalism coupled with her compassion and understanding made her service superb. The beneficial effect of her work, which we continue to enjoy is immeasurable."


W.W., Lakewood NJ

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