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Reviews & Testimonials

The most life-changing thing I have ever done!

     "This has been the most life-changing thing I have ever done! I have been able to observe my ADHD and Slow-processing disorder from a place of kindness without beating myself up!"


D.S. - Red Bank, NJ

Worth every penny!

     "What I got out of working with you is consistency in being proud of myself. It's been a life altering experience and worth every penny!"

E.L. - Lakewood, NJ

What Debra delivers provides lasting value.

     I highly recommend Debra for personal/professional development. A year later, I'm still using what I learned. Further proof that the best investment is investing in yourself. So if you are thinking of hiring Debra, do it, because what she delivers provides lasting value.

K. T., North Dakota

Wow! Seriously wow!

     Wow, seriously wow! I knew I needed direction and to make changes to live a more focused life. But there was also a large piece of me that didn’t want to accept realities about myself that I wasn’t ready to face. Within minutes of interacting with Debra, however, I heard all my concerns about myself flow out of my mouth. She has a way of asking the right questions at the right time. After each session, I left with practical goals for the week as well as little tweaks to help my day go better. And Debra is your biggest cheerleader!

     Her skill, non-judgmental nature, warmth, and insightfulness helped me focus on the things on which I truly needed to concentrate. I was able to get clarity in what I wanted and needed to achieve in my life. I will always be grateful that I found her.

L.R. Highland Park, NJ

Debra is the ultimate professional & an excellent life coach

     Debra is the ultimate professional and an excellent life coach. She has the ability to understand the essence of whatever barriers her client is striving to overcome, and help identify solutions, opportunities, and a path toward growth. She is supportive, non-judgmental, and clear-thinking, which is so important for the coach-client balance. I highly recommend Debra and "A Life That Fits"!

J. F. Freehold, NJ

Her professionalism, intuition, & sincerity are so apparent

     I am so grateful to be working with my incredible life coach, Debra Levy, over the past few months. Her professionalism, intuition, and sincerity are so apparent during our calls. She always knows just the right questions to ask and is able to guide our conversations so I come away with more clarity.

     One area Debra excels at is helping me open my mind to seeing situations in a new light and with a different perspective. This enables me to move forward in making the necessary changes in my life, sometimes in ways I never previously thought about. If you're looking for a life coach, I highly recommend Debra!

R.B. Edison, NJ

Debra truly listened, showing sincere care, concern and support

     I started working with Debra because I needed help in clarifying my strengths and passions for a career change. I felt a connection with her right away. She helped me come out of my comfort zone and really helped me to focus and explore possibilities and dreams.

    She “held my hand” through a lot of introspection, never once feeling judged. I always looked forward to speaking with Debra every week. I found her very easy to talk with because Debra truly listened, showing sincere care, concern and support. Debra has given me more tools in my "toolbox" to continue exploring future possibilities both professionally and personally.

S.K. Queens, NY

I would highly recommend Debra!

     Debra has helped me many times over the years in her diverse capacities. As a life coach, she is able to tune into specific areas of need, and enable the person to help themselves in a way that they feel comfortable with. For example, I have a fear of long distance, high speed highway driving, and was required to make several long distant trips in a row. Debra guided me through different life coaching techniques which I was able to do while driving and on the road.

     This turned extremely stressful situations into much more relaxed times where I was actually able to listen to music and (sort of) enjoy the ride and the scenery! This was a huge help to me, and just one example of which I have several. I would highly recommend Debra! She is a person who is very calming, very easy to talk to, who tunes into your needs and solutions which you (not she) would feel comfortable with.

L.M. Cleveland, OH

Debra has a gentle way of guidance & an ability to bring focus into your life

     Debra has a gentle way of guidance and an ability to bring focus into your life. She was able to help me set goals. We went over those goals, and looked at the obstacles that may be standing in my way. I highly recommend Debra as a Life Coach!

S.B. Baltimore, MD

Debra has gone above and beyond to help us in any area needed

     Through her coaching, Debra has helped us get our lives back together, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and has been patient, kind and trustworthy. She has given us various tools to keep our house organized, helped us to create a "command center" for all our important paperwork, and let us both cry & help us through our challenges.

     If we do not understand how to do some thing or what something means, she not only breaks it down, but approaches the subject from many angles to help us in a multi-faceted approach. She has been a main contributor to our overall success and helping us learn to live life to the fullest.

     She has gone above and beyond to help us in any area needed."

D.G., Union Beach, NJ

Debra is a very supportive, positive individual

     Debra is a very supportive, positive individual, who enjoys guiding others in a way where they can eventually help themselves. She has a beautiful way about her that is a combination of professional yet very friendly. She turned the daunting work ahead of me into the adventure I had lost sight of due to a series of personal and natural disasters.


S. K., Ocean Grove, NJ

I found her so easy to talk with & I felt very safe in expressing myself

     Debra has an open, gentle approach to talking with you about your goals, desires, challenges, etc. I found her so easy to talk with and I felt very safe in expressing myself, whether it be about business or something personal.

     She offered different options to help me problem solve my own issues. I looked forward to our weekly calls as a way to spend some time on me, instead of giving of myself all the time. She was always so thoughtful and an active listener. I have learned much and apply the values and tools we came up with together. I highly recommend her!

J.S. Wallingford, PA

Thank you for your keen insight & patient listening

     I just want to thank you for your keen insight and patient listening. Your on-target questions helped me untangle all the different thoughts and emotions that were preventing me from accomplishing my goals! Thank you for helping me reach goals of self-improvement and relationship building that I had been putting off for so long!

M.G. Marlboro, NJ

Debra is extremely easy to work with reflecting sensitivity, flexibility, & patience 

     Debra is extremely easy to work with reflecting sensitivity, flexibility, patience and a warm, kind way about her. I feel that working with Debra has made me a more organized and motivated person and that I will be able to use the strategies learned to be successful in achieving my organizing and life goals in the future.

M.W., Edison, NJ

After our coaching session, I feel that I have more control over my life

     It's amazing how Debra's coaching helps me to refocus on my goals and objectives. We work together; I tell her where my stumbling blocks are; she listens and helps me redirect my efforts so I can get my projects done. After our coaching session, I feel that I have more control over my life. Every session ends with a smile on my face.


M.A., Morganville, NJ

Working with Debra as a coach was an invaluable experience

     Working with Debra as a coach was an invaluable experience.  Her calm and reassuring style challenges you to dig deep within yourself to uncover the strategies and tools that work for you and will help you move forward and be successful. 

     She is your biggest cheerleader, supporting and encouraging you while at the same time pushing you to reach your own potential in a comforting way that doesn't make you feel "pushed" at all.

J.R., Marlboro, NJ

Her compassion & understanding make her service superb!

     Her professionalism, coupled with her compassion and understanding, make her service superb. The beneficial effect of her work, which we continue  to enjoy are immeasurable. 

W.W. Lakewood NJ

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