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Time Management

Time Management / Productivity Coaching

Time management/productivity is all about making time work for you. We all have the same 24 hours in a day but sometimes it feels like never enough! Most people tend to fit the most urgent and important things into their schedule, especially the ones with deadlines. Wouldn't it be great if you could make time for the things you really want to include as well, like enjoying your hobbies, working on projects, spending time with family and friends, and taking time to reenergize yourself?  


It's possible! It's a matter of learning how to have a better "relationship" with time. In coaching we look at your time management goals and challenges and consider your life dynamics, as well as at what might be holding you back. With new perspectives, strategies, and tools that fit your lifestyle, you can feel more in control of your day!

How Coaching Can Help You Manage Your Time

Your Goals

In coaching, we start by looking at your time-related goals. Do you need to create more structure in your day, learn how to estimate time better, or become more proficient at prioritizing? Are you hoping to be less overwhelmed and get more done?


The first step in the coaching journey is to learn how to articulate what your objectives are. Creating a roadmap helps to define the steps needed to reach your destination. 

Your Challenges

What challenges are you facing related to time management? Do you lose focus and have a hard time dealing with distractions? Are you unsure of how to break down tasks or projects and figure out next steps? Do you deal with perfectionism and don't want to "get it wrong," so you remain stuck?  Many people deal with these challenges and more.


Coaching helps to bring awareness of what may be preventing you from getting things done (or from even starting!). During our sessions we explore ways to get you past these obstacles and move forward.

What makes you unique

Everyone is unique. We all have different physical and mental energy levels. Some of us are night owls, early-morning birds, or somewhere in between. We also all have a combination of different modalities (some of the ways we might take in and process information), such as being visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic, to name a few.


Coaching explores how these dynamics as well as other factors affect how you view and deal with time. By becoming more attuned to what makes you "tick," it's easier to discover what will help you smoothly navigate your day.  

Strategies and Techniques

Through coaching, we look at various strategies that can make time management easier (and maybe even enjoyable!), including determining the routines and tasks that "anchor" your day, how to realistically estimate how long things take, learning how to "ramp up and down" from a task or project, and how to clearly define and prioritize "next steps."


We also explore how to plug it all in to to-do lists, planners, and calendars. By learning simple techniques that suit you and your lifestyle, you'll be able to finally get those tasks "out of your head," take action, and get things done!

The "Best" Tools

Many people try to purchase the "perfect" planner, calendar, or download the most recommended apps, hoping that will be the solution to all of their time management problems.


Through coaching, we explore what works best for you based on your unique tendencies, modalities, and preferences. The "best" ones are the ones that fit you and your lifestyle and that you'll use on a consistent basis, helping you tackle whatever comes your way.

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