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Becoming More"Organized"

Becoming a more organized person is not only about creating a sense of order for your space and things, it's also about how you think and live your life. If you have always struggled with organization and feel like your life is a mess, perhaps it's time to rethink what being "organized" really means.

No matter what it might look like to you from the outside, being organized does not mean being "perfect." It's about feeling good about yourself and your space. That can mean different things to different people.














For some, it means that everything has to be completely out of sight. For others, their homes can have surfaces and walls completely filled with things that they use and love, but they still feel like they know where everything is and it's easily accessible. It's important to stay true to your values and to what makes the most sense for you.

In coaching, we start by looking at what your goals are. Do you want to spend less time searching for things and stop spending money purchasing things you already own? Are you looking to become more organized so that you can be a better role model for your family? Do want to feel more "on top of things" and proactive versus constantly being reactive when it comes to your day? Do you long to feel a sense of calm and serenity instead of always feeling stressed? 

After clarifying what your objectives are, we look at what might be holding you back. Some people are perfectionists and don't take any steps, fearing that it won't be the "right one." For others, they may be unsure of how to break down a big organizing project and get started. While others still, may have lots of internal conversations going on, telling themselves how un-organized they are. They aren't able to get out of a self-sabotaging loop. No matter what is keeping you stuck, just know that you are not alone - everybody has challenges!


Coaching can help you to become more aware of what these obstacles are. We can then work together to create an action plan that helps you move forward - a plan that is customized based on your natural strengths, tendencies, and modalities (some of the ways you might take in and process information), so that you can build a life that is "perfect" for you.


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