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ADHD & Exec Functioning

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ADHD & Executive Functioning Coaching

   Executive functions are our brain's way of helping us regulate our behavior, set and achieve our goals, and manage our daily lives. These skills include time management, task initiation, emotional self-control, and working memory, to name a few. Trouble with executive functions can make it hard to stay focused, follow directions, make decisions, plan tasks and projects, and stay organized.


    Many people with ADHD struggle in one or more of these areas, but it is possible to learn how to overcome these obstacles and navigate life more successfully. In coaching, we look at the areas that may be a challenge for you and that may need strengthening. We explore ways to incorporate new strategies and techniques and tap into your own natural strengths and modalities so that you can lead a more productive, fulfilling life.

The Executive Functions

Having the ability to independently start tasks in a timely fashion without procrastination, even if it is something you really don't want to do.

Time Management

Having a realistic and accurate understanding of how long something will take. Using time effectively to accomplish what is needed.




Having the ability to develop and maintain systems to store objects, papers, and other items so that everything is orderly and easily accessible.

Task Initiation


Having the ability to focus on a task or person for a period of time despite distractions, fatigue, or boredom.

Working Memory

Having the ability to hold information in your memory while working on complex tasks or projects.

Planning & Prioritizing

Being able to create a roadmap with the necessary steps to complete a task, project, or goal.  Understanding what is and isn't important and knowing what to focus on and when to focus on it.


Being able to objectively look at yourself in a particular situation and use that information to help you take steps to make changes as needed in your life.


Being able to regulate yourself and manage your impulses, thoughts, and emotions in order to achieve your goals. Being able to evaluate a situation and think before you act.

Flexible Thinking

Being able to adapt to new situations and make revisions when faced with obstacles, set-backs, or new information.


Being able to stick to a task and follow it through to completion without becoming side-tracked.

Do you have challenges with ADHD or Executive Functions?

I can help!

  • Gain self-awareness - Become more knowledgeable about your unique  strengths, challenges, and abilities

  • Be self-compassionate - Learn how to practice self-kindness & be more accepting of yourself

  • Advocate for yourself - Discover how to communicate clearly & request what you really need

  • Increase resiliency - Grow and thrive in the face of adversity & change

  • Build confidence - Learn how to trust in yourself and be empowered to create a life that fits you!


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