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Do You Struggle With:

Stressed Woman
  • Chronic procrastination?

  • Staying focused?

  • Disorganization in your home/office/life?

  • Constantly being late?

  • Wasting time & not getting important things done? 

  • Not knowing how to prioritize or set clear goals?

  • Setting healthy boundaries for yourself?

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Would You Like To:

  • Feel more motivated?

  • Focus on what's important?

  • Live a more organized life?

  • Arrive on time feeling relaxed and ready?

  • Accomplish more and struggle less?

  • Successfully prioritize and achieve your goals?

  • Set up better self-care routines & healthier boundaries?

  • Feel more calm and less stressed?

  • Embrace how "you're wired" & learn how to thrive?

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Are you ready to turn challenges into opportunities?

I can help!

  • Gain self-awareness - Become more knowledgeable about your unique  strengths, challenges, and abilities

  • Be self-compassionate - Learn how to practice self-kindness & be more accepting of yourself

  • Advocate for yourself - Discover how to communicate clearly & request what you really need

  • Increase resiliency - Grow and thrive in the face of adversity & change

  • Build confidence - Learn how to trust in yourself and be empowered to create a life that fits you!

  • Learn what work works best for you - Create a "toolbox" of strategies and techniques that allow you to live your best life!

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   Hi! I'm Debra Levy, a Professional Certified Coach, specializing in ADHD, Executive Functioning, and Productivity challenges. I'm dedicated to helping you make time and space for what matters most in your life. I begin by working with you to clarify what is important to you, what will make you feel happy and fulfilled, and determine what guidance and support is required to create the life you want.

   I focus on areas that are a struggle for many of my clients (whether they have ADHD or not) including poor time management, disorganization, procrastination, focusing, perfectionism, goal setting, prioritizing, and establishing healthy boundaries. Together, we work on gaining insight into what is holding you back and help you become more aware of your own natural abilities, modalities, and tendencies, make room for your big-picture goals, and implement step-by-step solutions to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

   I'm here to partner with you on a thought-provoking and productive journey toward "A Life That Fits" your values and dreams, and provide the motivation and accountability you need to help you maximize your potential.

"Coaching with Debra has been such an empowering experience!" - A.H.

Coaching is an insightful process that will empower you to make the changes you need to live a life that is more productive, enjoyable, & uniquely fulfilling!

Is Coaching right for you?

Coaching is a life-changing investment that requires committed effort and an open mind to collaboration and new perspectives. Are you ready to do the work to become the best self you can be?

How we work together

Our coaching sessions take place via a series of one-hour phone sessions with a focus on self-awareness, action, accountability, and follow-through.


Want to know more about coaching?

Let's Talk!


Do you have ADHD, Executive Function,
or Productivity challenges?


Learn how to thrive and not just survive!

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       Coaching and Consulting

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