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Lots to see at the NYNOW product trade show!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

The NYNOW Trade Show at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC, was filled with an amazing selection of products, textiles, furnishings, and fashions for buyers and designers alike. What a visual and tactile feast!

I was on the look-out for products that were well-designed, innovative, functional, and that could help my clients feel more organized and love the spaces they live in. I was not disappointed!

Here is just a sampling of some of the items I discovered. Click on the images below to link to each company's website and please comment below to let me know your thoughts or questions!

Yamazaki's booth was a "must-see" for me. I was really impressed with this Japanese company's offerings at last year's show and I was looking forward to seeing what was currently being showcased. They have a wide range of beautifully designed and well thought-out products. Many of their items are suited for small spaces (a must in NYC!), but are equally usable in kitchens, baths, etc. in any size home. I especially liked the steel space-saving riser (shown in the upper left corner) as well as the dish drying rack - both expandable and able to fit over a sink. Their slim rolling cart (see lower left photo) would be ideal in the space that is sometimes left between a wall and an appliance, or perhaps in a deep closet.

The eco-friendly Market Tote is from Capabunga, inventors and makers of wine accessories, beverage flasks, totes and kitchen tools.

Their products are designed in Sonoma County, California, right in the heart of wine country and are handmade in Windsor, Ca.

The Market Tote comes in a variety of colors and is constructed of heavy duty canvas and is designed to keep produce, flowers, and even eggs, damage-free and organized as you travel from Farmer's Market to home.

I always love a good tote!

Three by Three, a Seattle-based company, has been "making busy lives beautifully efficient since 1995". I love their colorful, fun, well-made products that help keep a home or office organized in style. I personally use their "Groupshot" photo display (lower left photo) in my own home office to display documents that I need on hand during client coaching calls, as it makes a terrific stand. Their "jotblocks" (shown top left) come in a number of different styles. They are so creatively designed and I would love to own them all!

If you are looking for a great gift for someone "who has everything", look no further than Assouline, a company who's passion is "connecting intellect with emotion". They have an astonishing collection of luxury books, candles, and objets d'art for contemporary homes and libraries.

Each book on display at Assouline's booth was a true work of art. The books in the "Ultimate Collection", (some of which are displayed above) , are handcrafted using traditional techniques and color plates, are hand-tipped on art-quality paper, and are sold in limited edition series. The "Cigars" boxed set even transforms into an actual humidor! (I was very impressed!)

Umbra, based in Toronto, Canada, designs and sells innovative, modern, products well-suited for many areas of the home. I love how they combine clean, sleek design, with great functionality. New products this year include a variety of planters, wall hooks (great for entryways!), bath and kitchen accessories, as well as many other items, designed to keep everything tidy and looking great. Their products fit many types of decor and are really well-priced!

Lioe Design, based in Seattle Washington, "creates minimalistic, modern, futuristic every-day goods that will last into the next millenium"!

I was really impressed by the designer, John Lioe, and his passion for what he does. My eye was immediately drawn to the super-scuptural scissors (shown on the wall in the photo) but I was concerned about how they would feel in use. Being the tactile person that I am, I asked if I could try them out. I was surprised to find out how comfortable they were!

His offerings include business card holders, titanium multi-tools and many other items that are really unique.

Having that strong tactile modality, I could not resist petting this (faux) alpaca. Fibre by Auskin, knew how to draw me in! They are specialists in creating natural fiber home decor, including rugs, pillows, throws, furnishings, and soft goods made from sheepskin, alpaca, leather, woven wool, as well as other natural plant-based fabrics.

The Fibre representative was extremely informative, and was understandably proud of the company's beautiful offerings for the home. Everything is designed and expertly crafted to combine beauty with durability. I was tempted to try out their Tibetan Lamb Bean Bag but was afraid that I would never leave!

I love learning about new products and talking to the purveyors who are so passionate about what they do. I'm looking forward to the winter NYNOW show, so that I can continue to share my discoveries!

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