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Non-stop Brain?

Does your brain go non-stop?

Do you feel like everything is a big jumble and causes you stress?

Here are some ideas to try to tame the chaos that may be going on in your head:

1) Meditate.

Yes, you've heard all about meditating, but does it work? Studies show that meditation, even done for a few minutes each day, can really help increase attention and focus, and reduce anxiety. Their are a lot of great apps that can help guide you, or you can just take a few quiet minutes on your own to settle your mind.

2) Capture your thoughts (somewhere).

Many people are afraid that they will lose their train of thought or forget something, so they continue to keep it going in their brain. Getting it all out of your head and into one place (be it paper or digital) can be a huge help. The trick is to be consistent in where you track these thoughts so that you are not constantly searching for that stray piece of paper or post-it note. Some people find journaling a great way to record a lot of what's circling in their brain, but any note app or notebook will do if it feels right for you.

3) Talk it through with someone.

Talking things through with a loved one, good friend, coach, therapist, etc., can help those who are verbal processors. Choose someone who has great listening skills and that will be able to mirror back what you are saying, be objective and non-judgmental, and be a good "thinking partner." You can even use a recording device if you'd rather keep your thoughts to yourself.

4) Allow yourself to breathe and let go

Sometimes thoughts are important to hold onto and other times they're not. Not everything has the same value. Learn to trust yourself and figure out what is important. If you need help, you can reach out to a trained coach or mental health professional.

No matter what method you decide to do (whether listed here or not), know that that your brain does not need to stay cluttered. Just like our homes, getting rid of what's not needed and finding the proper home for the important stuff, can greatly reduce stress and help create a true sense of calm!

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