Life Coaching
Are you looking to make positive changes
in your life?

If so, let us help you to:


  • Clarify your goals and dreams

  • Explore solutions and strategies

  • Work with your inner strengths 

  • Create and implement workable plans

  • Move past challenges that are holding you back

  • Achieve long-term, sustainable success in:


Time Management / Productivity

Home &  Office Organization 

Work/Life Balance    Self-Care


   Coaching sessions take place by phone and focus on a supportive framework of action, accountability, and follow-through.

   Through the process of self-discovery, and

by exploring your strengths, we help you to maximize your potential & overcome the challenges that are standing in your way.

Let us help you achieve those goals & dreams!


Professional Organizing
Are you feeling completely overwhelmed by the  clutter & chaos of your space?  

If so, let us help you to:


  • De-clutter and organize your home and office

  • Set up systems to manage your possessions, paperwork, & time

  • Learn the skills needed to maintain your newly organized home or office

  • Decrease your stress & increase your productivity



   Using a step-by-step process, we help you to purge, organize, and reclaim the spaces in your home and small office.  From the initial assessment consultation, through the "hands-on" organizing sessions, we work with you in a supportive, non-judgemental way to create simple, customized systems that yield long-term results. 

   Everything will have a "home" and you will be able to easily access whatever you need. You'll save time, money, & lead a more productive and stress-free life!

Re-Design Services

Do you want your home to be a place  

in which you love to be?


If so, let us help you to:


  • Use your existing furnishings and accessories to create beautiful spaces

  • Showcase your artwork & decorative accessories in new & exciting ways

  • Choose new colors, furnishings, artwork, and accessories to complement what you already own


   With our "eye for design", a fresh perspective, & our space planning expertise, we help you to achieve a look and feel in your home that captures your unique personality & style.

   By re-arranging and finding new purposes for your existing furnishings, we can help create better "flow" and make your spaces feel entirely new!

  We also offer a comprehensive list of recommended sub-contractors to suit your needs.