About Coaching
"How Can Coaching Help Me?"

A Life That Fits, LLC, offers the kick-start you need to envision where you want to go -  and customize your life in order to get there.

My clients often: 

  • Face challenges in the areas of time management and productivity, home and office organization, the design and utilization of their living space, and the creation of balance and harmony in their day-to-day lives.

  • Are looking for clarity and motivation to "dig deep", create self-awareness, and act on the “Aha" moments that result from our work together.

  • Want a support system that helps them stay motivated to turn self-discovery into positive change.

How I can help:

I draw on a deep base of training, knowledge, and experience as a

Certified Life Coach, Professional Organizer, and Interior Design Specialist to help you realize what truly matters to you. We examine your values and your needs to:

  • Clarify your dreams and desires

  • Tap into your inner strengths

  • Explore unique strategies and solutions

  • Create and implement achievable plans

  • Overcome obstacles that are holding you back

  • Reduce stress and increase your productivity

  • Achieve long-term, sustainable results


About coaching sessions:

Coaching sessions take place via a series of (1) hour phone sessions and focus on a supportive framework of self-awareness, action, accountability, and follow-through. Through this insightful and effective process, you will feel empowered to design a life that is more productive, enjoyable, & uniquely fulfilling  -  

A Life That Fits!


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